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Experience & ExpertiseExperience & Expertise
Experience & Expertise

Environex has been a part of the ever-evolving emissions control industry since it first started impacting American businesses and lives over 30 years ago. We are catalyst engineers and scientists who have seen it all when it comes to catalytic emission control. Catalysis is in our DNA.

Founded by catalytic reaction engineering expert Dr. Robert Becker in 1990, Environex was built on a strong foundation of catalysis and chemical engineering principles. Today, industry leaders Dan Ott and Dave Wallace head a strong team of engineers, scientists, and laboratory technicians in taking on the most difficult emissions control challenges faced by industries worldwide.

Unbiased PerspectiveUnbiased Perspective

Unbiased Perspective

Environex has always focused on using its expertise to provide engineering, consulting, and laboratory services to our clients in the interest of solving their problems and getting the most out of their critical emissions control technology.

Our independent, unbiased perspective is the cornerstone of our business. We use our expertise to enable our clients to operate with the flexibility and peace of mind needed to succeed in today’s increasingly challenging emissions-conscious world.

Who Should AttendWho Should Attend

Service Focused

With our focus on providing emissions control services and not products, Environex’s responsiveness and turnaround are unmatched in the industry. We are a flexible and agile team ready to respond to your needs.

-Found a last-minute issue during your outage and need our expertise? We’ll hop on the next plane and get to your site.

-Need catalyst test results turned around quickly to make a crucial operations decision? Environex has you covered.

-Are the asset managers on your back looking for answers? We’re a phone call away.

Service FocusedService Focused

We are also focused on providing thorough and thoughtful analyses and reports that provide you with the straightforward answers you are looking for. Our reports are tailored to the audience.

-Are you a catalyst scientist who needs to understand the details of a washcoat adhesion study? We will provide the results in a mutually agreed upon format.

-How about a plant manager who needs to know what actions must be taken to corral an emissions issue? Environex will come up with the action plan to get your plant back on track.

Whatever the emissions control or catalyst problem is that you are experiencing, we will work with you to solve it as quickly and effectively as possible.