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Catalyst Development

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Washcoat CoatabilityWashcoat Coatability
From Prototype to Full Scale Production

Environex has years of experience developing catalysts and adsorbents, from prototype design to full scale production.  We provide guidance in selection of active materials, washcoat modifiers and binders, and catalyst supports.  Washcoat is formulated and applied with consideration of support interaction, particle size, rheology, and adhesion.

Collaborate with Environex to Make a Better CatalystCollaborate with Environex to Make a Better Catalyst

Research and Development

For example, a large multinational material supplier conceptualized a new material that could be used as a substrate for active catalyst material.   Environex was engaged to work with the material supplier to research and develop the concept.  This entailed:

  • Developing a form of the substrate to promote contacting of the active material with the target gas stream component without exceeding pressure drop constraints.
  • Finding a cost-effective coating technology to attach the active material to the new support which has good adhesion and is temperature stabile and homogeneous.
  • Applying a variety of active catalytic materials on the substrate for trialing across a range of applications.
  • Manufacturing catalyst prototypes with varying amounts of active material and then testing  catalyst performance to maximize cost effective conversion of the target gas stream component.



Catalyst DevelopmentCatalyst Development

New Technology Development

Another example is an indoor air handling system supplier which was interested in modifying a popular product to replace a consumable technology which requires frequent replacement as its effectiveness to clean the exit gas stream decreases over time.  A durable catalyst technology which has a longer effective performance life and can be regenerated in-situ was desired.  Environex worked with the customer to make design decisions such as the composition of catalyst substrate, the effective catalytic material loading, and the dimensions of the catalyst to conform to space limitations.  The new technology development was successful and the Environex catalyst is now utilized in the customer’s product in place of the consumable technology.