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Hydrogen & Low Carbon Fuels

Hydrogen and other low carbon fuels, such as ammonia, have the potential to help decarbonize our economy.  However, integrating these fuels into our infrastructure is going to present many challenges.  For power generators and other industries that seek to burn these fuels, one of the major challenges will be higher combustion NOx levels.  Some gas turbine OEMs estimate that hydrogen fuel blends will increase combustion NOx by about 35%.  

System ChallengesSystem Challenges

System Challenges

This is a significant increase and will make meeting operating permit emissions requirements more challenging for both existing and planned facilities.  Existing SCR systems are expected to require some degree of retrofit or re-design.  New-build SCR systems for plants that will utilize low carbon fuels will require more complex SCR systems than their conventional fuel counterparts. 



Avoid Inoperable Systems

Environex’s history with challenging SCR systems gives us the perspective and experience to take on the challenges presented by hydrogen blending with confidence.  Early advanced-class gas turbines ended up having higher combustion NOx levels than the OEMs planned for, which resulted in the SCR systems being under-designed and inoperable.  Environex was brought in to analyze these systems and identify the SCR system changes that needed to be made to allow the power plants to operate reliably, without any emissions-imposed limitations.  Hydrogen-blending presents a very similar challenge, and we are ready for it. 

Hydrogen IntegrationHydrogen Integration

Hydrogen Integration

For companies that are planning to integrate hydrogen or other low-carbon fuels into their fuel mix, Environex is ready to help ensure that your SCR systems will be prepared for their new operating challenges with the following capabilities: 

  • Hydrogen blending feasibility studies
  • SCR system retrofit analysis
  • Ammonia injection system re-design and tuning
  • Catalyst sizing evaluations