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Indoor Air Quality

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Indoor Air Quality ConcernsIndoor Air Quality Concerns
Indoor Air Quality Concerns

Indoor air quality concerns have gained more attention since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, particularly in spaces such as airplane cabins, hotel rooms, and other high traffic public areas.  Disinfecting these spaces has become a public health norm.  Many disinfecting methods either use ozone as a cleaning agent or produce ozone as a byproduct, which can render the spaces unsafe for human occupation due to high ozone levels.  Use of an ozone destruction catalyst is a proven and cost-effective way to reduce ozone to safe levels after disinfection.  Environex has been working with customers since 2017 to develop customized solutions that provide high levels of ozone destruction efficiency. 

Customized SolutionsCustomized Solutions

Customized Solutions

For example, a customer making an indoor air quality device was looking for a more durable and effective solution to meet their ozone destruction targets because the current technology was not providing sufficient performance.   Environex worked with the customer to develop a catalyst which met their specific set of requirements:

  • The size of the catalyst was specific to fit in the customer’s existing device.
  • The catalyst was adhered to a flexible substrate.
  • Specific ozone destruction efficiency was met.
  • High performance was met at low temperature, often a challenge in catalysis.

Multiple prototypes were made and tested in Environex’s ozone destruction performance testing apparatus.  The customer was intimately involved throughout the R&D process.  The catalyst developed by Environex is now the preferred technology used in their device.