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Catalyst Development

Catalyst Development

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Collaborate with Environex to Make a Better CatalystCollaborate with Environex to Make a Better Catalyst
Collaborate with Environex to Make a Better Catalyst

The market for emissions control catalysts is a rapidly changing environment, with increasingly strict regulations and technology advances constantly pushing the envelope regarding what is needed and what is possible. Environex has the resources you need to develop, test, and bring your catalysts to market. Our extensive history and experience in both the science and business of emissions control has proven invaluable to our clients.

Environex’s Catalyst Development Lab has the expertise to develop catalysts to specification from raw materials selection and prototype creation to full-scale process design.  Our Product Development and Performance Testing services enhance this process and provide the full range of capabilities needed to optimize your catalyst’s performance and get it ready to go to market.

Our Collaborative ProcessOur Collaborative Process

Our Collaborative Process

We work with our clients to develop novel catalysts and adsorbents for a broad range of industries and end-uses, including medical clean rooms, automotive catalysts, aerospace, industrial emissions control, and various niche applications.  



Catalyst Development Experience


Catalyst and adsorbent development, with or without active catalytic materials, is associated with an array of challenges that Environex has mastered:

Washcoat BatchingWashcoat Batching

Washcoat Batching

 We understand the unique requirements of coating on different substrate materials and the importance of substrate preparation, as well as how critical it is to get washcoat particle size distribution, rheology, binder selection, pH, viscosity, and additive ingredient selection right. Whether your application requires low backpressure, a high porosity washcoat, a high adsorption rate, high adsorption capacity, or poison resistance, Environex can help optimize your washcoat in a way that is as coatable as it is effective. 

Washcoat CoatabilityWashcoat Coatability

Washcoat Coatability

Coatability is essential to developing a catalyst which can be reliably and cost-effectively coated onto a substrate with minimal waste of materials. To create an effective coating,  the washcoat material specification must be properly controlled. Rheology and pH are critical to parameters such as fluidity and adhesion to the substrate surface.

Environex works with clients to develop washcoats for novel catalysts and adsorbents or apply developed washcoat formulations to custom substrates for the client’s application.  We provide guidance in materials selection, manufacture prototypes for testing, and simulate scale-up for commercial production.  

Catalyst DevelopmentCatalyst Development

Catalyst Performance Testing and Materials Characterization

Our Catalyst Performance Testing and Materials Characterization capabilities complement the development process by enabling us to test for performance and durability as needed and identify opportunities for improvement.  

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