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Product Development

Product Development

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Let Environex Do the Dirty Work… to Produce Cleaner AirLet Environex Do the Dirty Work… to Produce Cleaner Air
Let Environex Do the Dirty Work… to Produce Cleaner Air

Increasingly strict air quality standards have created the need for emissions reduction technology in previously unregulated applications.  Environex has the expertise to integrate emissions control catalysts and adsorbents with your products to promote cleaner air and keep your products compliant with air quality standards.

Custom Emissions Control SolutionsCustom Emissions Control Solutions

Custom Emissions Control Solutions

Our vast catalysis experience coupled with our laboratory capabilities offer a unique platform with which we can experiment, test, adapt, and perfect custom emissions control solutions.  Whether it’s adapting existing catalyst and adsorbent technologies to novel applications or developing promising new formulations for commercial use, Environex can be your bridge between great ideas and powerful products.  

Examples of our product development work include: 

  • Integrating industrial emissions control catalyst with non-woven and fibrous products
  • Applying carbon capture technology onto high surface area substrates
  • Implementing ozone destruction capability into clean room technology
  • High efficiency water adsorbent for industrial applications (>99.999% removal)


Environex has developed methods to overcome the key challenges associated with integrating emissions control technologies into usable products:

Substrate SelectionSubstrate Selection

Substrate Selection

It is critical to understand substrate characteristics in order to provide quality catalyst and adsorbent washcoats. Washcoat adhesion on some substrates can be a challenge requiring specialized pre-treatment or washcoat modifying materials. Coefficients of expansion characteristic of substrate materials are also critical to understand, as some washcoat formulations will be more prone to flake off under repeated expansion and contraction cycles. The effect of substrate porosity on washcoat uptake is another factor critical to performance and the ultimate materials cost.

Catalyst/Adsorbent DurabilityCatalyst/Adsorbent Durability

Catalyst/Adsorbent Durability

Different applications must withstand different environments and have varying durability requirements. These requirements are considered when developing the coating technique to ensure suitable substrate, particle size, and binder choices. Environex has worked with a wide range of applications and can tailor durability testing conditions to the unique needs of each. We have standard procedures for adhesion testing and hydrothermal aging to ensure the reliability of the catalyst or adsorbent throughout its useful life.

Product DevelopmentProduct Development

Our Process

We work with our clients throughout the product development process, from materials selection and prototype creation to product testing and scale-up for commercial production lines.  The capabilities of our Performance Testing and Materials Characterization laboratory enhance the process by enabling product testing for thermal aging, contaminant resistance, catalytic/adsorbent performance, and durability to guide product development and benchmark against existing designs.  

Reach out to Environex today to see how we can work together to make your ideas a reality!