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Catalyst Replacement Services

Catalyst Replacement Services

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Improve Operational Flexibility, Backpressure, and Catalyst Life With a Better DesignImprove Operational Flexibility, Backpressure, and Catalyst Life With a Better Design
Improve Operational Flexibility, Backpressure, and Catalyst Life With a Better Design

Emissions control catalyst technology has advanced significantly over the past decade. If you are looking to replace your SCR, CO/VOC, or dual-function catalyst, it is very likely that there is a better product available now than when your current catalyst was installed. Most notably, advanced catalyst designs and formulations offer opportunities to reduce system operating costs and improve performance by:

  • Reducing system backpressure
  • Increasing operational flexibility (turndown)
  • Improving poisoning resistance
  • Providing longer guaranteed life
Catalyst Technology ExpertiseCatalyst Technology Expertise

Catalyst Technology Expertise

Environex has the catalyst technology expertise, industry experience, and independent perspective to specify and select the most optimal design for your systems.  Our experience testing thousands of catalyst samples, including benchmark testing of new OEM formulations, provides us with an unmatched database of emissions control catalyst knowledge.  We can put this expertise to work for you with our Catalyst Replacement Services.

Our Process

Our process starts with developing a deep understanding of your facility’s historical and planned emissions control needs. We review detailed operating data to analyze the full range of conditions that your systems need to perform under and discuss any planned changes in system operation and how that will impact emissions control requirements. Based on this analysis, we develop the detailed technical specification and RFP for the replacement catalyst.

Catalyst Replacement ServicesCatalyst Replacement Services

Leverage Competition to Your Advantage

From there, we create a list of qualified catalyst vendors that can meet the specification requirements.  This allows you to know what all the options are so that you can leverage the best designs, prices, terms, and lead times.  We understand the nuances each OEM includes in their bids and can ensure that they are all evaluated on the same basis. Once vendor bids are submitted and any questions are answered, we provide a thorough technical and financial review of the bids that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each.  The bids are ranked via our transparent rating system so that you may apply your own criteria when making the final replacement catalyst selection.  

Environex’s Catalyst Replacement Services are available for SCR catalysts, CO/VOC oxidation catalysts, dual function catalysts, and three-way catalysts. Turnkey catalyst replacement, including removal and disposal/recycle of spent catalyst and installation of the new catalyst, is available. 

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