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Emissions Risk Management

Emissions Risk Management

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Know Your Risks and Have a Plan to Mitigate ThemKnow Your Risks and Have a Plan to Mitigate Them
Know Your Risks and Have a Plan to Mitigate Them

When acquiring a new or existing power generation asset, reviewing the emissions requirements in the operating permit is not sufficient to adequately evaluate the emissions risks the facility will face.  Failing to account for an asset’s specific emissions risks can bring the facility offline or limit output below desired levels.  

Numerous factors, including operating profile, fuel mix, turbine make/model, SCR/CO system design, and maintenance history, shape the emissions risk profile for a given facility.  The wrong combination of factors or deficiencies in emissions control system design or maintenance can significantly inhibit an asset’s ability to operate reliably or with the flexibility needed to serve today’s volatile power markets. 

Real-world ExpertiseReal-world Expertise

Real-world Expertise

Environex has the expertise and real-world engineering experience to assess, quantify, and mitigate the emissions risks for a site’s specific requirements.  We understand the impact that SCR/CO system design, catalyst selection, and operating profile have on overall system reliability. We also understand the impact that gas turbine make/model and fuel mix have on an asset’s ability to meet operating permit requirements. 

For asset owners/buyers, insurance companies, risk management professionals, asset managers, system operators, and other interested parties, Environex can help you answer: 

  • What are our emissions risks, and what impact could they have on our bottom line?
  • How can we minimize our risks so that we can operate efficiently and profitability?
  • Why did my catalyst fail and what steps do I need to take to prevent it from happening again?

Minimize Risks and Operating Costs with an Environex Emissions Management Plan

Environex offers customized emissions management plans designed to optimize plant emissions performance and reliability while reducing emissions control operating costs.  These plans are customized based on your facility’s age, current and expected operating profile, permit limits, SCR/CO system design, and NOx and CO conversion requirements.  

Emissions management plans include a combination of catalyst testing, operating data analysis, catalyst & reagent injection system maintenance, catalyst replacement management, and spent catalyst recycle/disposal.  Periodic ammonia injection grid tuning is included for facilities with particularly strict permit limits and high NOx conversion requirements.  These plans spread catalyst management costs out evenly to ensure reliable emissions control performance while having predictable, minimized emissions control costs.  

For new, under construction, and planned facilities, emissions management plans include system design reviews and baseline catalyst testing to ensure that plant emissions control performance is optimized from Day 1.  Plans are available at both the facility and fleet levels.  For more information, please contact us.  We will work with you to develop a plan that makes sense for the unique needs of your facility or fleet.