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Ozone Catalysts

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Our Collaborative ProcessOur Collaborative Process
High Ozone Destruction Efficiency for a Wide Range of Applications

Since the pandemic started, there has been a burgeoning interest in disinfecting occupied indoor spaces such as hospitals, hotel rooms, and airplane cabins.  Ozone is used in some of these cleaning processes or can be a byproduct in the off-gas stream at concentrations that are unsafe for human exposure.   Ozone destruction catalyst use can render the disinfection process safe for human exposure and may be the most affordable and durable solution.  

Environex has Been Producing Ozone Destruction Catalysts Since 2017Environex has Been Producing Ozone Destruction Catalysts Since 2017

Environex has Been Producing Ozone Destruction Catalysts Since 2017

We provide catalyst which, based on application requirements and process conditions, can reduce ozone concentration in a gas stream at efficiencies up to 99% and greater.   The active material is CARULITE® 400 ozone destruction catalyst from the Carus Corporation.  It can be affixed to metal honeycomb, polyurethane foam, ceramic, or substrates provided by the customer.   The catalyst’s form is dependent on the specific conditions of the process such as temperature, flowrate, ozone concentration, and available space.  Environex works with process developers to meet their specific ozone destruction challenges and develop solutions that conform to their requirements and budget.  

Product DevelopmentProduct Development

Our Process

Environex can manufacture material to tight specifications.  Batch sizes can range from a handful of sample pieces to thousands of pieces per year.    We can provide documentation for strict material traceability and quality control in line with ISO9000 requirements.  We can also evaluate ozone destruction catalyst performance for destruction efficiency and catalyst durability.

Industries that Environex has worked with and provided ozone destruction catalysts for include: 

  • Aerospace (cabin air and inerting)
  • Indoor air quality 
  • Medical cleaning devices
  • Other ozone intensive applications