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Reliable Performance of Emissions Control SystemsReliable Performance of Emissions Control Systems
Reliable Performance of Emissions Control Systems

Reliable performance of emissions control systems in the oil and gas industries is critical to ensuring that operators can focus on their core businesses of keeping the oil and gas flowing.  Increasingly strict emissions standards for NOx, CO, VOCs, and other HAPs are making this more challenging.  Environex has the experience and expertise to provide you with the peace of mind to know that an emissions issue will not bring your facility or process offline unexpectedly.  

Catalyst System ExperienceCatalyst System Experience

Catalyst System Experience

Environex has specialized in the testing, design, maintenance, and optimization of catalytic emissions control systems for over 30 years.  This includes selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems for NOx control, oxidation catalysts for CO and VOC control, dual function catalysts for NOx and CO/VOC control, ammonia destruction catalysts, and non-selective catalytic reduction (NSCR or three-way catalysts) for NOx, CO, and hydrocarbons.

Emissions control system performance in oil and gas industry applications is affected by numerous factors, ranging from system design and SCR/CO catalyst selection to variations in exhaust gas composition and changing operating conditions.  Environex has a deep understanding of how all these factors impact each other and what is required to ensure reliable emissions performance.

 Our oil and gas industry experience includes compressor station applications, cogeneration units, fluid catalytic cracking units, steam methane and naphtha reformers, process heaters, and other refinery units. We help oil and gas industry customers with:

Catalyst Life ProjectionsCatalyst Life Projections

Catalyst Life Projections

Our SCR and CO catalyst testing and system evaluation services pinpoint when a catalyst will need to be replaced so that you can budget and schedule appropriately.  In many cases, it is possible to extend catalyst life with proper maintenance or the mitigation of deactivation mechanisms. 

Failure AnalysisFailure Analysis

Failure Analysis

If your emissions control catalyst system failed prematurely, we can determine the root cause and develop a plan to make sure the same mistake is not repeated.  An alternate catalyst formulation or design, change in operating procedure, or elimination of deactivation mechanisms could be the answer to your problem.  

Catalyst RejuvenationCatalyst Rejuvenation
Catalyst Rejuvenation

Oxidation catalyst performance can often be improved significantly by utilizing a rejuvenation procedure.  We have seen increases in CO reduction efficiency of up to 80%.  An Environex rejuvenation study can determine if rejuvenation is a viable catalyst management tool for your system.  

SCR Retrofit AnalysisSCR Retrofit Analysis
SCR Retrofit Analysis

Are new air quality standards making it such that your existing emissions control system can no longer provide the required performance, or that you need to install a new emission control system?  Environex can identify the most effective way to bring your existing system into compliance or design a new system that will allow you to operate reliably under more stringent emissions limits.