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Combined Cycle Journal: “Consider the impact of new operating regimes on your SCR”

| November 14th, 2017

Incorporating real world operating data analysis into your SCR management plan is a topic that is gaining some well-deserved traction within the power industry. Combined Cycle Journal posted an article on November 8th, 2017 highlighting Environex Senior Engineer Andrew Toback’s presentation at the 2017 Combined Cycle Users Group Conference, “Impact of Real-World Operation on Catalyst Performance”. The article focuses on case studies that show the need to revise performance and lifecycle expectations based on actual operating conditions instead of original design parameters, particularly given the challenges and variability imposed by GT upgrades for higher output and lower turndown operation. Deeper knowledge of actual operating conditions and how they impact catalyst system performance sets the foundation for optimizing plant emissions performance.

With over 25 years of power industry experience, Environex understands the importance of evaluating catalyst performance at real world operating conditions, and that is why Full SCR System Evaluations provide the best value to our clients. Full SCR System Evaluations include a combination of catalyst testing, operating data analysis, and physical system inspection that enables us to distinguish system problems from catalyst problems. Laboratory testing of the catalyst across the range of plant operating conditions in conjunction with the data analysis allows us to identify the limiting operating case for your system and evaluate design and operating adjustments that can improve plant emissions performance.

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