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Could your emissions risks and operating costs be lower? Join Environex at 501F to find out

| January 31st, 2024

Join Environex at the 2024 501F and 501G Users Group Conference in Orland on February 5th for “Proactive SCR/CO System Management for Lower Emissions and Operating Costs.” Andy Toback will be presenting.

Like the gas turbines, steam turbines, pumps, and other mechanical equipment at your plant, your SCR and CO catalyst systems must be actively managed and maintained to achieve peak performance. Effective SCR/CO system management reduces emissions compliance risk, extends catalyst life, and lowers system operating costs. Environex will use plant operating data and case studies to show the effectiveness of proactive SCR/CO system management in reducing operating costs (such as ammonia consumption and backpressure efficiency losses) and lowering stack emissions.

We will review the system factors that cause sub-optimal SCR/CO system performance and the potential consequences of neglecting system maintenance. We will then describe the components of an effective SCR/CO system management program and demonstrate why it is important to think about the catalyst system as a whole rather than just looking at the individual components.