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Power Generation

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Environex & Power Generation CompaniesEnvironex & Power Generation Companies
Environex & Power Generation Companies

Environex has been working with Power Generation companies on their most challenging emissions control problems since the early 1990’s, when SCR and CO catalyst systems were first used to reduce NOx and CO emissions.  We have experienced the full evolution of the power market and catalytic emissions control technologies over the past 3+ decades and have the database and project portfolio that comes with that experience.  

Today’s ChallengesToday’s Challenges

Today's Challenges

Today’s power industry is facing a period of unprecedented disruption.  Increasingly strict emissions regulations, more variable operating profiles, and more challenging fuel mixes are creating an environment in which emissions control systems must be more responsive and actively managed than ever.  Variable operating profiles and low-carbon fuel mixes increase combustion emissions levels.  When these increases are combined with lower emissions limits, catalyst systems are required to provide higher conversion efficiency with little room for error to keep your facility in compliance.  Failing to know the risk factors for your specific SCR/CO catalyst system and have a plan in place to mitigate them increases the likelihood of forced outages or reduced output.  



Risk FactorsRisk Factors

Risk Factors

NOx and CO/VOC emissions performance is impacted by a number of factors, including operating profile, gas turbine or boiler make/model, fuel mix, SCR/CO system design, catalyst selection, permit requirements, and system maintenance.  Environex has a deep understanding of all these factors and how they impact plant emissions risks, catalyst life, and operating costs.  We have decades of experience working with power plants of all shapes and sizes to solve myriad emissions control problems and ensure reliable catalyst system operation.   

Environex has seen it allEnvironex has seen it all

Environex has Seen it All

Our power industry experience ranges from internal combustion engines, on-site cogeneration, and aeroderivative peaker plants to large coal boilers and advanced-class combined cycle plants, along with everything in-between. We have worked with clients to solve problems with high temperature SCR catalysts for peaking plant applications, conventional catalysts for combined cycle plants and high-dust applications, and low temperature catalysts for low-dust and specialty applications. 

Environex Power Industry Experience

Environex Power Industry Experience

Past Projects Examples


GT Upgrade Evaluation: For a plant that had just upgraded its GT for increased output, Environex’s detailed analysis of SCR catalyst samples and plant operating data showed that the existing SCR catalyst could provide reliable performance for an additional 5 years beyond what was expected based on the design data, which enabled the plant to defer catalyst replacement and focus on other priorities.

Catalyst System Re-Engineering: Environex re-engineered a catalyst system to mitigate a catalyst poisoning issue that was causing rapid deactivation.  The re-engineered system deactivates at a much lower rate, providing more reliable emissions performance and significantly extended catalyst life.

Root Cause Analysis: Environex completed a detailed root cause investigation that showed that system non-compliance was being caused by an abnormal combustion emissions issue that the system was not designed for.  An alternate catalyst formulation designed to meet the previously unknown performance requirement was specified and now the plant is able to operate reliably without any emissions-related curtailments.

Ammonia Injection Grid Tuning: AIG tuning effectively redistributes ammonia to better match the inlet NOx profile.  Environex AIG tuning projects have resulted in ammonia consumption reductions of up to 25% and ammonia slip reductions of up to 50%.

Catalyst Replacement Services: Environex managed SCR catalyst replacement for a site that resulted in a 40% reduction in back-pressure while providing catalyst life that is expected to exceed the original design by several years.